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iDeals Solutions

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Киев, Москва (Россия), Нью-Йорк (США), Лондон (Великобритания), Гонконг (Гонконг), Стамбул (Турция), Шанхай (Китай), Майами (США)

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О компании

iDeals Solutions Group is a leading global provider in the high-growth secure enterprise collaboration software space with offices in Kyiv, New York, London, Moscow, Istanbul, Hong Kong and other regions.

iDeals offers highly secure cloud-based services to investment bankers, corporate attorneys, private equity and corporate development executives who are seeking a secure collaboration platform to facilitate their business processes of assets marketing and sales, M&A workflows and other communications.

If you’d like to grow and run exciting new projects using latest and hottest technologies, we can give you such opportunity. We are looking for proactive and talented people who ready to meet real challenges and interesting tasks and be ready for wide career opportunities!