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19 ноября 2019

C# Developer


Необходимые навыки

Knowledge of C# (basic), C, C++, experience in multithreaded programming;
Good knowledge of DBMS (SQLite);
Excellent knowledge of XML and JSON markup languages;
Experience with version control systems (SVN, Git, etc.);
Experience with web services (SOAP, XmlRpc, REST ...);
Experience working with Linux, in MONO environment;
Understanding the methodology of object-oriented programming;
Understanding of software design patterns and application lifecycles;
Requirements analysis skills;
Higher education (technical, computer engineering, systems engineering, programming, applied mathematics).


Competitive salary (based on interview results);
Official employment (according to the Labor Code of Ukraine);
Conditions for professional and financial growth;
A friendly team of table tennis and PlayStation fans;
Coffee and tea provided by the company in our cozy office kitchen;
A comfortable office near “Lukianivska” metro station with a convenient transport interchange;
Flexible working hours (from 8:00–10:00 till 17: 00–19: 00).


Writing a working, well-structured, manageable program code according to TOR for projects;
Code coverage with unit tests;
Releases assembly;
Following the schedule and priority of assigned tasks, meeting deadlines;
Analysis of the existing functionality of the system and technological processes in order to increase the efficiency, stability and productivity of the system;
Fixing the system defects based on requests.

О проекте