12 лютого 2023 18:54

Liya Kashapova, Intern PM в lifecell

I’ve recently finished an enticing ’Badass BA’ course from IAMPM that covers all necessary techniques for conducting an efficient Discovery.
We worked as a team of BAs (our team is called Balance Cats) with an interesting case. The case included the creation of a software product set for processes automatization of garbage collection, and delivery.
Initially, we were given audio from a Sales manager. We had only a short session with the ’customer representative’ and started working it out. Understandably, we had a lot of disagreements on how to understand the scarce requirements we had, so we ended up creating rather conflicting artifacts.
Though, as the main goal of the course was practice I say we succeeded. I can recommend this course to anyone interested in developing analytical skills, and learning techniques for requirements elicitation & processing 😍


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