7 червня 2022 23:09

Liya Kashapova, Intern PM в lifecell

I’m finishing my master’s in project management. I came to the course (Hard Skills 1&2) to deepen my knowledge: to get practical skills and examples of real documentation (which I lacked at the university). The course covered all my requirements and uncovered even more trouble spots in my education. When the theoretical material was presented on the slides, the speaker gave an example of a specific situation. Any lecture of the course is filled with stories about pitfalls. I definitely recommend the course to both beginners and managers with experience.
Now I’ve graduated from uni and during the last few months I was taking a DAO PM course to strengthen my knowledge. Turned out this basic course can give insights even to experienced PMs. It covers all stages of project management and allows students to practice in concept development and planning. Being the one who wasn’t new to some of the techniques on the course, I was also able to practice facilitation during our team meetings. Definitely recommend going through this little training.

Підтримали:  Kuts Mike


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