26 серпня 2021 12:11

Sergey Reginya, Architect


I was fortunate enough to pass the course IT Project Management at IAMPM.

It was excitingly interesting to confront yourself with what you read in theory, but did not apply in practice. To deploy existing and acquired knowledge in your own educational project, get the chance to work on your idea and flesh it out, to find your feet in it under the supervision of experienced promoters and mentors.

Take that river of knowledge and form it into something a little more narrow, a little more concrete, tangible. So that it`s easier to understand and realize the true purpose of Project Management practices and tools.

I am very grateful to my mentor, Oleksandr Yosypenko , who set the right focus and directions.

#IAMPM #ProjectManagement #Agile

Підтримали:  Elena Cohen Maria Motruk


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