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The IT Craft company has been working on the IT market for more than 15 years. We base our work on the principles of openness, predictability and responsibility. We always accomplish all that was promised to our clients, employees or colleagues.
12 июля 2019

Front-end (Angular) Software Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


ITCraft invites Front-end (Angular) Software Engineer to join the company.

About the project:
The system is a complex of configurable subsystems that provides searching, organizing and conducting audio/video/chat for short consultations, long group calls and webinars for up to 3000 people. The system supports multiple platforms, each of which is configured for its own set of functions and has a customized design.

Angular 6+, Webpack, Typescript, Rxjs 6.x, SCSS, HTML/CSS.

— Architecture & development of new reusable components & widgets;
— Integration with server-side REST API;
— Active working on UI/UX (HTML/CSS/JS);
— Working with requirements;
— To participate in daily/architecture/demo meetings with customers.

Hard skills requirements:
— Strong knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript (EcmaScript 6 and higher);
— Good knowledge of Typescript (2.9.x / 3.x);
— Good knowledge of Angular 6+;
— Good knowledge of RxJS 6.x;
— Good knowledge of Angular CLI / Webpack;
— Good knowledge of HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3;
— Adaptive web design with Angular, performance tweaks and optimization;
— Good knowledge of Sass/SCSS preprocessors;
— Experience with creation and support email templates for popular email clients;
— Unit testing (Karma, Jasmine etc.);
— Good understanding of Git.

Soft skills requirements:
— Problem Solving Abilities;
— Teamwork;
— Communication;
— Flexibility;
— Good writing and verbal skills in English.

Desired requirements:
— Experience with Continuous Delivery of application to the end users;
— Experience with docker/docker-compose;
— Experience with WebRTC and websocket;
— Experience with integration frontend widgets to the external systems;
— Experience in Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement for the UI/UX and Javascript.

ITCraft offers:
— Competitive salary according to the qualifications;
— Comfortable working environment;
— Flexible working hours;
— Benefits package;
— Reward for sports activities;
— In-house English training.

Please send your CV.