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Київ, Харків, Одеса, Бидгощ (Польща)

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  • 18 липня
    Intern QA Engineer (Manual) Одеса, віддалено
    HYS Enterprise is looking for a Intern QA Engineer (Manual) to join our team. We’re proud of our team and are always on the lookout for people who share our vision and values so we can deliver amazing results together!
  • 11 липня
    Junior QA Manual Engineer (Mobile) Одеса, Бидгощ (Польща), віддалено
    HYS Enterprise is looking for a QA Manual Engineer in our team!
  • 5 липня
    Requirements: Strong communication and teamwork abilities; Proficiency in problem-solving and self-learning; Punctuality and meticulous attention to detail; Proficiency in performing major laptop repairs such as wifi card replacement, SSD installation, and laptop cleaning;...
  • 4 липня
    HYS Enterprise is looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Intern Project Manager to join our team. If you are eager to start a career in project management, have an analytical mindset, and have a desire to learn, this position is for you!
  • 3 липня
    Intern Marketing Specialist Одеса, віддалено
    We are looking for an enthusiastic Intern Marketing Specialist to join our team!
  • 27 червня
    Senior .NET Developer Бидгощ (Польща), віддалено
    We looking for a Senior .NET Developer to join our team!
  • 20 червня
    Senior Lead Generation Specialist Одеса, віддалено
    Epicflow is a resource management solution that was designed for global enterprises who seek to build an efficient multi-project environment.
  • 19 червня
    Network Engineer Одеса, Бидгощ (Польща), віддалено
    HYS Enterprise is looking for a Network Engineer to configure an SDN-based solution with Zero-Trust Architecture!