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Human Agency is a startup focused on democratizing the digital advertising space by giving individuals the ability to effectively advocate for their values through Facebook and Google ads. We’re building a platform that allows everyday people to create ads about things they care about so that they share their message or idea with society.
16 октября 2019

Middle / Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer


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About the Role
We believe that a democracy can only exist if everyone has a voice and in turn everyone has access to authentic and true information.

That’s why Human Agency has built a platform that enables politically motivated individuals and grass root organizations to:
— Spread awareness around issues of global and national importance.
— Create *measurable* impact by telling stories.
— Crowdsource money around messages so that everyone can have an equal voice.
We are looking to expand our team to build new ways for our customers to spread their message and impact change.


Life as a Human Agency Engineer:

— You work closely with a small team and use Extreme Programming methodologies, like TDD and pair programming, to integrate Facebook and Google APIs.
— You and your team deploy early and often in 1 week sprints so that we can always deliver value to the customer.
— You use VIM and TMUX so that everyone has a common language when pair programming.
— You work Onsite in RnD Kyiv, Ukraine office; (relocation help and compensation package).
— You bring new technologies to the table, but your go to technologies are:
Ruby on Rails

Here are a few responsibilities that go with the job:
Ship Great Software:
— Pair program on new features and bug fixes.
— Recognize and address scalability and concurrency issues.
— Conduct technical research and spikes around Facebook and Google API integrations.
— Provide constant vigilance of security vulnerabilities.

Share Knowledge:
— Champion the use of TDD, VIM, and TMUX.
— Onboard new team members on project architecture and best practices.
— Introduce new tools and techniques that make the team more effective.
— Perform code reviews to ensure clean code and good architecture.

Always Ship:
— Work with the product owner to estimate and refine user stories.
— Brainstorm the simplest way to meet user functionality.
— This could be the job for you if you:

— Have deep conviction in using TDD to write code.
— Have experience working with Extreme Programming techniques.
— Have integrated third party APIs in a Rails app.
— Have a thorough understanding of Rails exploits and vulnerabilities.
— Love to see positive change in the world.

— Have experience working in a highly concurrent Ruby application.
— Have experience working with the Facebook Marketing API or the Google Ads API.
— Have VIM set as your primary editor is a Big plus.
— Love to travel and experience new places and cultures (Travel opportunities and adventures are available, but not required).


By joining our team, your work would:

— Solve *real* problems by rallying support around causes.
— Spread awareness around critical national issues.
— Provide a new voice to millions of people.
— Give you an adventure to remember.

By joining our team, we offer:

— Flexible hours — The ability to work when you want, and take off when you want.
— Competitive salaries.
— Long-term employment with paid working-days vacation and other social benefits.
— Lack of bureaucracy.
— A top of the line MacBook Pro.
— Variety of knowledge sharing and training opportunities.
— A unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with US Team.
— Corporate English classes.
— Fully stocked snack bar at the office.
— Company-wide ski trips, white water rafting trips, and more.

Our engineering team is seeking value aligned engineers that are passionate about social change located in St. Louis, New York, and Kyiv.

О проекте

About Human Agency
Human Agency is a team of technologists and social entrepreneurs seeking to “Democratize” the power of the internet.

We are a Higher Ground Labs"18, venture backed startup, building tools that give everyone the ability to advocate for their values.

We have and continue to serve with a number of political and social causes that have significant and measurable impact on our society and world.

Our engineering team is seeking value aligned engineers that are passionate about social change located in St. Louis, New York, and Kyiv.

We love building software that changes the world and we would love for you to join us!
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