Якісне персоналізоване системне рекрутингове агентство. Мене звати Євгеній Романюк, я аналізую людей більше 12 років, і більше 3 років будую компанію, де ми знаходимо кращих кандидатів. Моя участь в одному з проєктів збільшив валовий дохід у 2 рази — понад 15 мільйонів додаткових доходів. Чим я можу бути корисним?
12 травня 2023

BizDev (Web3 gaming) (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено $2000–5000

Do you want to join an ambitious Ukrainian project in the field of Web3 gaming?

Clarnium is a platform that provides the best environment for gaming, researching, and promoting Web3 games.


  • Unites games and players in one space;
  • Simplifies entry into games for gamers;
  • Provides gaming tools to engage an audience and improve traffic.

Our goal: a platform that accumulates all WEB3 games and game projects around itself, creating a powerful community of millions of users.

The community of games of our partners is now more than 1.3 million. 220+ games have already been published on the portal and we attract new partners every day. Therefore, we are looking for BizDev in our team.

What will you get:

  1. You work remotely from anywhere in the world;
  2. Flexible schedule, 5/2;
  3. A team of real experts;
  4. The leader is a start-up guru who has successfully grown 20+ projects;
  5. Salary from 1000 USD from the first month to 2000-5000 USD from 3-4 months (according to the results of the work);
  6. Involvement in a niche that holds the future.

We value responsibility, initiative, activity, attentiveness, self-organization, flexibility, and quick response. For us every
It is MANDATORY that you:

  • Had English B2+ (written and spoken);
  • Had experience as a BizDev or Marketing;
  • Able to work with people, negotiate and get the desired result;
  • adjust your pace of work to current tasks;
  • He knew how to learn from mistakes and not make them twice.

Will be a plus:

  • Interest in Web3 gaming;
  • Experience in a start-up;
  • understanding of sales and/or psychology;
  • Ability to work with CRM systems;
  • Possibility to go abroad.

Your tasks:

  • Accompanying the negotiation process together with the Head of BD from the beginning to the achievement of the result (partnership, sale, or refusal). regular review of the process;
  • Independent work with ices transferred by Head of BD: appointment of calls, conducting initial negotiations, fixing the result of the call, and monitoring the subsequent implementation;
  • participation in the preparation/addition of funnels for business development, affiliate programs, and trigger strategies;
  • presentation and promotion of individual marketing programs among partners;
  • Maintaining client base in CRM system. Weekly and monthly reporting;
  • Joint development of affiliate programs together with the marketing department;
  • Support for Clarnium in social networks;
  • Work at exhibitions and travel to different countries.

As a result of your work, we expect:

1. The partnership, which led to the growth of the Сlarnium community, the growth of mentions on the Internet, increased brand awareness, and as a result, played a role in the company’s fundraising.
2. Sale of one or more Clarnium products.
3. Organization of the company’s participation in the event, which led to the strengthening of the brand, new partnerships, and useful contacts or sales.
4. Growth of the founders’ own brand.

What will your income depend on?

  1. Number of partners and their effectiveness.
  2. A number of sales.
  3. A number of participation and effectiveness measures.
  4. Growth of founders’ Twitter accounts and Linkedin.

Submit your resume now and let’s grow together.