Hiveveryone! You probably heard “we are not an average company” a hundred times. And guess what: we are not an average company, either!
17 квітня 2023

People Business Partner (вакансія неактивна)


Who we are

Starting in 2017 with a few people on board, zero investments, and no marketing, we launched Hiveon. Less than a year later, we became the leading global ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining, with 103k active connected devices gained through referrals and organic growth.

Today, we remain at the forefront of the niche with a team of 100 people and 2 million active connected devices in over 200 countries.

Running 5 successful products and developing 4 more is a great challenge for such a small team. This is where we need mature and strong People Specialists — to continue maintaining the balance between great business results and healthy team operations.

We are looking for a People Business Partner who will be dedicated to teams, products, and business, and help grow our culture to the top.

Role Challenge

We believe that people themselves don’t have to be managed. People are not children who don’t know what they want from the world and the place they work in. People also don’t want to be entertained at work — they want to grow and see what they are capable of. People want to impact the business and feel that they play an important role in the big picture.

The only things that can and should be managed are:

  • goals — and how clearly we communicate them
  • team structure — where everyone is in the place that fits best for their role
  • process — whether people have “paths” for effective collaboration

And here comes the main challenge of this role — to be a partner to the whole team (including the business team) who will provide honest but direct feedback if needed, who will understand the main business goals and how to communicate them through daily people processes, and who will treat colleagues as adults that don’t have to be raised but just heard sometimes.

We don’t set “team happiness” metrics because it’s impossible to measure and affect someone’s happiness. We also cannot take responsibility for people’s growth since businesses are created to make the best products and services, not to push someone to take that Udemy course. We create great products and provide great challenges that people can take or not, that people can use for their growth or not.

We are at Hiveon to create something bigger than just us and to see how far we can go. And we want our future People Business Partner to share the same vision.

About you

  • As an HR field owner, you have gone through different companies’ growth stages, culture shifts, crisis moments, and hard decisions. This usually means having 3-4 years of experience
  • You have tried different approaches and instruments and have your vision of what works best. You can defend this vision
  • However, if your ideas are not relevant now, you are ok to let them and your ego go and quickly come up with other suggestions
  • You know how to define a people strategy starting from the business goals, not from habitual processes and “everyone does it” tools
  • You are a respectful professional to colleagues, not a mom
  • Straightforward but empathic feedback is one of your main working instruments
  • You are hungry for non-trivial solutions, always reviewing habitual patterns, and are ready to get rid of what doesn’t work anymore

About the role

We want you to help businesses achieve their goals while maintaining a healthy and efficient team culture.

You can create new instruments or use existing ones in the most profitable way:

  • Internal communication: business strategy meetings, all-hands, 1-1s, product learnings, pulse checks, etc.
  • Probation, performance, and salary reviews
  • Drive implementation of new HR processes and best practices
  • Participate in the organization of internal events: team buildings, product workshops, etc.
  • Help team leaders become role models for their teams
  • Grow the People team to make each company’s division even more efficient.


Be sure that we provide everything needed for the work so that you can think more about the goal and how to be the best specialist in your role.

Apply and let’s meet if you share the same vision