Hiveveryone! You probably heard “we are not an average company” a hundred times. And guess what: we are not an average company, either!
30 січня 2023

QA Lead (вакансія неактивна)


About us

Starting in 2017 with a few people on board, zero investments and no marketing, we launched Hiveon. Understanding of what we did (a software for mining geeks) helped us to define the goal — this must be high-quality products. In 2018 we became the 1st leading global ecosystem for cryptocurrency mining.
Today we remain ranking the forefront in the niche, expanded mining product set. With 100 people in a team, and 2 mln active connected devices in 200+ countries 🔝.
The next milestone is to become a TOP-1 ecosystem in Web3, uniting Mining and Crypto fintech solutions.

We are proven not only by our users but also by such resources as: “Galleon” in the Top 10 Best Mining OS, “Mining Pool Stats” in the TrustPool ranking in RVN and ETC, and others. The scaling of Hiveon and our product suite didn’t force us to attract investments. We’re still building self-payback products, and we will do in the future.

Our QA team is cross-functional between products. With its pros and cons, this works.
We would love to dedicate our testers deep into separate products, but believe you’ll have your own, weighted and reasoned decision, based on experience, value and goals.

About you

  • Entrepreneur-minded person and have already taken ownership of QA as processes
  • Started as QA Engineer, you’ve become to QA Management roles (strategy, people & resource management)
  • Have built QA processes, grown QA culture all over the company and these are points to be proud of
  • Implementing test artifacts into the QA processes and enjoying this — your reality
  • Have worked in cross-team structures
  • Can be a dude and brutal (read as persuasive enough) at the same time
  • When you choose to buy something in life, your brain is always ready to make a list of comparisons
  • Your inner battery is fully charged and you are ready to DRIVE

About the role

QA Lead is a founding important role at Hiveon. Your work will cause making products of such high quality that the user experience is absolutely seamless and causes a WOW feeling. And will directly affect the decreasing of bugs amount on production. And this is your mission.

Areas of responsibilities
It’s time to own “QA all over the company” startup:
— idea → pitch → realization — do what you always wanted to do
— build QA + healthy processes (from scratch if it’s needed) so that you can raise a pint of beer with a team and say “damn, this is awesome”
— act as QA Evangelist
— be a leader of our 4 QA Engineers team
Get testing processes smarter and more productive
Implement new types of tests, as well as tune existing: web, mobile, desktop, blockchain
QA strategy, people & resource management

Perks 🧡

  • Being a BLOCKinCHAIN, forming the largest crypto-mining ecosystem in the world
  • Healthy corporate culture all over the company (94% of our team would recommend Hiveon to their friends. 45% of our newcomers joined us through internal referrals in 2022)
  • Remote work with absolutely flexible working hours
  • Unlimited vacations & sick leaves
  • Learning & Development events compensation
  • Freedom of innovation and creativity — actions speak louder than words, if you’re not a writer 🙂
  • Only necessary processes and no bureaucracy

A bit deeper

Catch the insight — it’s not an easy way to be a Hiver. This is not a place of well-done processes (medium rare, to be honest), and sometimes we are chaotic. It seems like a problem, but here we see opportunities for every Hiver to look at their ideas in reality. That’s how our innovations come about.

And if you are — have fun on the way, unlimited vacations and non-stop brain gym.
The sleeping fox catches no poultry.


  • Hive OS — the world’s № 1 operating system for miners. 5 years ago, we launched a product that has become leading in the sphere within the first 6 months with no marketing budget.
  • Hiveon Pool — the best solution for ETH, ETC mining. Since its launch, our Pool has become a TOP 4 pool for mining worldwide. Last year we got x9 client volume growth.
  • Hiveon ASIC Firmware — the game-changing firmware for ASICs. Our users get extra hashrate up to 60%, high protection from viruses, and a bunch of Hive OS features to manage all the farms easily.
  • Hiveon ASIC Hub — a time and cost-effective solution. Clients can install thousands of ASICs within minutes and use the benefits of Hive OS.
  • Crypto fintech solutions — we are in the process of developing game-changing solutions at the moment.

Keep an eye on our upcoming announcements 😏

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