Hiveveryone! You probably heard “we are not an average company” a hundred times. And guess what: we are not an average company, either!
27 августа 2021

Chief Marketing Officer (referral bonus 3000$) (вакансия неактивна)


Who we’re looking for

Our founders are the people of inclusive forward-thinking who made dozen of successful businesses. And now we have even broader plans for Hive (and other new products) — to be not just a leader in the mining sphere but crypto at all.
So now we’re looking for the Chief Marketing Officer whose level of dreams and desires is the same as ours, or even higher. The out-of-the-box thinker, but who is really crazy about working with numbers. Who is able to think scaly, rather than blankly apply the templates. The one who will always find opportunities. Who is not afraid to make mistakes. Who can define the bottleneck and process it. Who wants to be the big part of a great!


  • Define and optimize marketing strategies to support the company’s overall goals
  • Close cooperation with Product Manager and other leaders
  • Work closely with data
  • The freedom to build a highly effective team of marketing professionals and make team management decisions
  • Considering the specifics of the industry, testing of various channels that will work specifically for our users and clients
  • Develop a feasible marketing plan for the team and oversee its day-to-day implementation
  • Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels


  • 4+ years of overall experience in digital marketing
  • Proven experience as a CMO or similar managerial/leading role
  • Demonstrable experience in developing efficient strategies for all marketing aspects (branding, product promotion, etc.)
  • A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities
  • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Crypto or mining knowledge or experience will be a huge plus

What you’ll get

  • Opportunity to work on the biggest crypto products in the world
  • Team of folks with abnormal demands on themselves and super start-up atmosphere inside
  • Freedom to implement your the most reckless ideas — anything that will bring the company to its new heights
  • Remote, flexible working day, no bureaucracy, and micromanagement. We don’t count the vacation or illness days that teammates take too
  • Just your initiative, sense of responsibility for the product you develop, and desire to be a top professional

We’re looking for a person who is brave enough to jump into new, maybe risk marketing ideas at the right time, who can implement them all quickly without unnecessary operations.

We’ll always welcome you :)

About the project

We value initiative and leadership. We are innovators in the crypto industry and we really appreciate the impact of everyone who works with us. We’re a fully remote team all over the world creating the biggest eco-system for crypto miners. We’ve become a leader in the first year of work by gaining 100,000+ users with 0$ investments in marketing — just by referrals and organic growth.

Our products:
Hive OS is a management and monitoring system for GPU and ASIC farms. It is the ultimate mining platform that allows users to set up, mine and control processes more efficiently even in case they have thousands of workers.
Hiveon Pool is the most profitable and efficient ETH and ETC mining pool, with guaranteed high-profit payouts (PPS+ distribution mode). 0% fee, no transaction fees for users (they are covered by the pool), and servers all over the world.
Hiveon ASIC is the game-changing firmware for ASICs. Manual and automatic settings for extra hashrate and better performance, high protection from viruses, and numerous other features that allow users to get the most from their ASICs.

Join us and let’s grow together!