Hiveveryone! You probably heard “we are not an average company” a hundred times. And guess what: we are not an average company, either!
18 октября 2021

Linux Engineer (referral bonus 2000$)


Our expectations from your experience and knowledge:

  • Experience with Linux administration (Ubuntu 16/18, apt, dpkg, bash shell scripting, jq)
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel (build, customization & support)
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel modules (build & support)
  • Knowledge of deb packages system including building own
  • X server customization (Nvidia/AMD GPU)
  • Knowledge of AMD GPU Support (kernel module changes tracking: ROCm & amdgpu, OpenCL, etc)
  • Working knowledge with servers setup
  • Experience in building packages from scratch
  • Experience with diskless workstations and PXE server

Nice to have:

  • Familiarity with the mining domain, algorithms
  • GPU mining experience
  • Blockchain/cryptocurrency knowledge

You will get:

  • Hiveon is a product company with a great start-up atmosphere and a global leader in the mining world at the same time
  • Fully remote work and flexible hours allow you to adapt work to your habits and current location
  • Competitive salary according to your position is not just buzzwords for us — we also care about timely salary review
  • We are not only about teamwork but also about having fun together. Snowboarding, music and racing — these are just some of our common interests. Let us know about your hobbies in the job interview
  • Business trips and joint remote work: we spent the whole winter in Thailand together, went to China, Georgia, Spain, Bukovel and would love to get you involved
  • We care about your development and cover expenses for your learning including professional courses, certificates and conferences
  • We frequently have themed corporate events and Friday online parties with fun (& food when offline)


  • Building the amdgpu kernel module from the drm-next repository: Tracking changes. Adaptation to the current kernel. Building a module for internal testing. Including the module into the kernel.
  • Utility for updating AMD drivers (replacement of OpenCL, ROCm, firmware libraries)
  • Building a custom Linux kernel (optimization for mining)
  • Scripts for overclocking and tuning cards (AMD)
  • Scripts for monitoring cards (AMD), JSON generation

About the project:

We value initiative and leadership. We are innovators in the crypto industry and we really appreciate the impact of everyone who works with us. We’re a fully remote team all over the world creating the biggest eco-system for crypto miners. We’ve become a leader in the first year of work by gaining 100,000+ users with 0$ investments in marketing — just by referrals and organic growth.

Our products:

  • Hive OS is a management and monitoring system for GPU and ASIC farms. It is the ultimate mining platform that allows users to set up, mine and control processes more efficiently even in case they have thousands of workers.
  • Hiveon Pool is the most profitable and efficient ETH and ETC mining pool, with guaranteed high-profit payouts (PPS+ distribution mode). 0% fee, no transaction fees for users (they are covered by the pool), and servers all over the world.
  • Hiveon ASIC is the game-changing firmware for ASICs. Manual and automatic settings for extra hashrate and better performance, high protection from viruses, and numerous other features that allow users to get the most from their ASICs.

Join us and let’s grow together!