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Hiveveryone! You probably heard “we are not an average company” a hundred times. And guess what: we are not an average company, either! Just working on the best software for cryptocurrency miners and changing the crypto world with our revolutionary products:

🐝 Hive OS — world’s № 1 operating system for miners
🐝 Hiveon Pool — the most profitable and efficient mining pool
🐝 Hiveon ASIC — the game-changing custom firmware for ASICs
Hundreds of thousands of people use our software every day, so we are working on a real product that is in high demand RIGHT NOW. That’s why we use the latest technologies and fresh architectural solutions (NATS, ClickHouse, Flutter, Golang, gRPC, React, Vue.js, microservice architecture, etc).

We follow adhocracy — a flexible, adaptable, and informal form of organization. Our teams have the freedom to accept architectural solutions, unlimited vacation policy, totally flexible working hours, fully remote work, etc. We believe and support our team members and follow our values, which include:

Openness — we think outside the box
Initiative — we support new ideas, given by anyone in the team
Autonomy & responsibility — we are against micromanagement
Speed — we make decisions fast
Flexibility — we are extremely adaptive to changes
Involvement — we work with those who are passionate about what they do

At Hiveon, we support inner recommendations (55% of our employees joined us through referrals in 2021) as well as outer. If you know great specialists who would like to work with us, please refer them to us by email at and we will reward you according to our bonus program.