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Hiveon is a team of devoted engineers, professional crypto miners, and blockchain adepts. We’ve been building efficient products for individual and enterprise clients for over 5 years and have gained 600,000 mobile users with 4.5 million connected mining devices.

At the moment, we are developing three branches:
— Crypto Mining
— Web3
— Energy

We believe that blockchain is not solely about crypto and trading — it is a powerful solution that can transform many spheres of life. And we are working every day to make it happen.

There’s one thing that unites us all: it’s the commitment to innovation, efficient technologies, and new architectural solutions like Golang, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis/KeyDB, NATS, gRPC, Flutter, React, Vue.js, PHP, Swoole, Rust,, Kubernetes, Docker, GCP.

Each team member gets our ultimate support on the way. We encourage, discuss, and implement even the craziest ideas.

And we are proud to say that freedom is our main value not only in theory but in practice — enjoy the unlimited vacation policy, flexible working hours, fully remote work, and a beneficial referral program.

We are building a world where blockchain technology comes at its core,
where Web3 is the reality,
where you break free.

So join in, develop kickass products, and be your best self!