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What is Hiveon?

Today, Hiveon is a product company focused on developing infrastructure for new-era hardware businesses, from mining to energy and AI.

It all started in 2017 with a pet project released by a few mining enthusiasts. Our Hive OS exploded in popularity, reaching 100k+ active users within the first six months without any investments or marketing costs.
How? We solved the real problems, and the community promoted us by themselves.

We then expanded to an ecosystem, including a Pool (the second Ethereum pool in the world in 2021), ASIC Firmware (a low-level hacking solution to get more out of their devices), and becoming the leading global platform for cryptocurrency mining.

Since 2021, mining has become more than just hardware. And Hiveon is not only about mining. We provide the infrastructure for HPC businesses, helping to build, simplify, and automate operations in the energy and AI markets as well.

Let the numbers speak instead of us:
Geo — worldwide
Released Products in 7 years — 6
Upcoming Products — 2
Active users at peak — 2+ million
Connected devices — 5 million+
Mobile Users — 600,000+
And all this with a team of less than 100 people.

And what do our people say about Hiveon?

— “There are no random people in our team, and the environment and culture that has formed within the company inspire and encourages us to get better together and make cool products and solutions,” Hiveon PM said.
— “My favorite value, which I always remind my team of, is: don’t follow someone, but use different things, try them out, then implement,” Hiveon DevOps Lead said.

A little bit of anonymous feedback from ENP’s:

— “People, awesome team, everyone is a pro in their field. There is a feeling that you have a reliable rear, everyone will help and guide, there is mutual support at all levels, and everyone is open to communication. The friendly tone of voice: you can convey your thoughts without looking back at who is opposite you: CTO, CRO, or COO. You know that you will be received correctly.”
— “Scale, movement: it’s about growing up, honesty and interest;
we are interested, we are fired up, and we want to move — we are not bullshitting ourselves, the team, or the market. We make cool things.”
— “Development — I have never grown so much in acquiring knowledge in any company. This is the most significant point. We are in our positions, but we combine our roles. Knowledge of the domain increases very quickly, and development in the understanding of technologies and the structure of functionality increases. There is freedom to get into any feature and to understand it.”
— “Here, any employee can be anyone if they have ambitions. ”

If you are ready to take responsibility, move and change quickly, and do things that may seem crazy to others, you are welcome!