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Hi friend! I bet you’ve heard about the cryptocurrency mining area. So here we are — a leader eco-system in its domain. To be exact. Hive OS is monitoring and management platform for GPU mining rig and ASICs. Hiveon — the most profitable and efficient mining pool. Hiveon ASIC — the game-changing custom firmware for ASICs. And even more.
29 сентября 2020

Linux Specialist (вакансия неактивна)

Киев, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

Experience with Linux administration (Ubuntu 16/18, apt, dpkg, bash shell scripting, jq)
Knowledge of Linux kernel (build, customization & support)
Knowledge of Linux kernel modules (build & support)
Knowledge of deb packages system including building own
X server customization (Nvidia/AMD GPU)
Knowledge of AMD GPU Support (kernel module changes tracking: ROCm & amdgpu, OpenCL, etc)
Working knowledge with servers setup
Experience for building packages from scratch
Experience with diskless workstations and PXE server

Будет плюсом

Familiarity with the mining domain, algorithms
GPU mining experience
Blockchain/cryptocurrency knowledges


Opportunity to work on the biggest mining eco-system in the world;
Team of folks with abnormal demands on themselves and super start-up atmosphere inside;
Remote, business-chill trips, flexible working day, no bureaucracy and micromanagement.
Just your initiative, sense of responsibility of the product you develop and desire to be a top professional.
P.S. We don’t have any coffee but whisky.


Building the amdgpu kernel module from the drm-next repository: Tracking changes. Adaptation to the current kernel. Building a module for internal testing. Including the module into the kernel.
Utility for updating AMD drivers (replacement of OpenCL, ROCm, firmware libraries)
Building a custom Linux kernel (optimization for mining)
Scripts for overclocking and tuning cards (AMD)
Scripts for monitoring cards (AMD), JSON generation

О проекте

Hive OS today is a whole eco-system for miners: the best management platform for thousands of miners, the most profitable mining pool and the firmware for ASICs.
Join our superb Linux team to grow the largest mining product further together.

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