We are a marketing Saas company...our background is an old-school digital marketing agency from the 90s, and now we are creating innovative marketing solutions for small-time entrepreneurs looking to bootstrap & grow their business.
8 сентября 2021

Front End Developer (React) | $1500 Signing bonus (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно $2000–5500

If you’re ok with working at regular job, you may stay where you are (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that).

But, if you want to take part in something extraordinary and make a lot of money working with great people and create something big...then shoot us a message!

We are currently looking for a Middle/Senior, Front-End React developer for a US-based start-up HipCat Society.

Candidates from Kyiv and Kyivs’ka oblast’ only


  • Feature milestone bonus’ ($1,000 USD Each)
  • Profit sharing if you prove your skill (%)
  • Signing bonus ($1,500 USD)
  • Short Interview process
  • Flexible schedule
  • 2 weeks paid vacation
  • Mostly remote + occasional co-working (Kyiv)
  • We are about creativity and minimal bureaucracy.


  • You would be working directly with the Team lead who would handle the back-end and most of the architecture.
  • You would be responsible for the implementation of designs and functionality on the front end.
  • We need someone who is experienced and can handle more complex and interesting front-end tasks. If you are familiar with animations it would be a plus.
  • Ideally this would be a long-term role. We want to grow WITH you.


  • At least 3 years of commercial development experience
  • Strong design and UI awareness and skill
  • Ability to write clean congruent code
  • Location: Kyiv

About Us

The tech stack:

Front End: Typescript, React, Apollo+GraphQL, antd, react-jss, react-hook-form, react-admin

Back End: Typescript, Nodejs, Express, Apollo+GraphQL, typeorm, stripe, AWS

Our Team Structure:

  • Project/Product Manager
  • Senior Back-end Engineer (Team Lead)
  • Middle/Senior Front-end Engineer (YOU)
  • Junior Front-end
  • QA Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Tech Support/Dev Ops


Literally every business’ goal is to grow & scale... However for small business and solopreneurs — agencies are too expensive, online courses only get 5% results, and various gurus give tactics without any real strategy or hands-on help.

So after running a successful marketing agency for over 20 years (our parent company) We set out on a mission to change the way that solo-prenures are able to grow their business online.

By taking what works in the industry, adding custom tools, making all easer and user-friendlier — in an all-in-one platform.

So even the startup business can create impact, influence and income — without breaking the bank.

You can check out our site here www.hipcatsociety.com

There is a free version of the app that will allow you to just click around and check it out.