Helios Technologies is a software development firm specialized in Web technologies since 2006. Founded by the WebVenture Capital firm, Helios is delivering high-technology solutions for the funded start-ups.

Based in Hong Kong, France and Ukraine Helios is powering today hundreds of websites totaling billions of daily web queries.

We believe in specialization, we excel in high-performance advertising solutions, Tera-scale data processing for business intelligence and Virtual Machine cluster management for the cloud.

Helios provide a tailor made support for each individual startup, we only cover the entire product lifecycle from user interfaces, software Architecture, Quality assurance to virtual cloud hosting with system administration and monitoring.

We use Agile development for the web in Ruby on Rails, continuous integration and other innovative development methodologies. Operating research and development from Ukraine and France we provide a competitive software quality and development costs suitable for internet startups.

Areas of expertize:
— Ruby 1.9.2
— Ruby on Rails 3.0
— JQuery
— Agile with Scrum
— Distributed technologies: Hadoop MapReduce, HBase, ZooKeeper, GlusterFS
— Cloud: Linux / KVM, Xen, Libvirt, Amazon (tm) APIs
— High performance Web delivery technologies: Varnish, Lighttpd, NGinx
— Ad-hoc high performance data collection and storage
— Modern Web Development: Ruby On Rails, Sinatra
— Open source search technologies: Nutch / Lucene, Solr