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Дніпро, Віддалено, Чикаго (США)

29 вересня 2020 23:17

Anton Kistol

Дублирую ответ для Джастина здесь, чтобы было видно:

Dear Mr. Holland (or whoever writes on your behalf),

It’s great that you reacted to this comment even though it’s been sitting here for a while.

Finally, I can be upfront with you without fear of being ostracized or reprimanded. From the very beginning, I have had so much respect for your personality. But, don’t you find your words contradicting to the real situation in the company? The situation is that instead of having this chat within HealthJoy, we have to make it public. Do you think that Violeta or I would have ever brought it up on DOU if the management and HR teams „were open to dialogue” and were able to handle all problems internally? Do you think that any employee truly has access to you, as you may believe?
I remember I asked you a simple question in a chat in my first month in HealthJoy. And what followed was my TL got me on one-on-one and made it clear that „it’s not the best idea to disturb Justin” as there might have been consequences. Sure, we all know that you are super busy. But are you sure that the people you have around yourself always deliver the most accurate information to you?

You mentioned, „to compensate for possible inconveniences, the company pays for night shifts at an increased rate”. Are you aware that you have people doing 6 or even 7 night shifts in a row, let alone they still may get 95% of the base salary? They aren’t really paid more but instead are given additional day-offs to sleep after the night shift.

I still believe in your integrity and expertise, and I am not in the position to give you advices. But let me give you a quick heads-up — if you do not take the blindfold off your eyes, things may go even worse. That really hurts me and other people who still love HealthJoy, but can’t sit well with the situation. Please hear HCCs until it’s not too late.


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