11 августа 2020

Chief Marketing Officer (вакансия неактивна)

Киев $3000–5000

Необходимые навыки

We expect you to have the following skills and knowledge:

1.Experience in working with the western markets (mainly, the US);
2.Successful work experience (confirmed cases) in holding a CMO position for 3 years at least;
3.Experience in selecting and managing a team of at least 10 people (PPC specialists, e-mail marketing specialists, SEO, media buyers, SMM, marketing analysts, etc.);
4.Successful work experience (confirmed cases) at the beginning of your career in the position of a media buyer or PPC specialist;
5.Experience of working with extensive budgets from ($100K a month);
6.Experience in promoting products in white and grey niches;
7.High level of English;
8.Excellent analytical skills that will let you work with extensive data sets;
9.Excellent managerial and leadership qualities, ability to inspire colleagues, lead them along;
10.Marketing or management specialized education, the availability of certificates will be a plus.

We are looking for an A-player to join our team. We know that you want to influence your performance results and earn a generous competitive salary. We are perfectly aware of the fact that the level of your marketing and managerial skills has to increase in geometric progression, which will help you to enthusiastically develop a worldwide product. Apart from this, we assure you that you will be working with experienced colleagues and a highly knowledgeable CEO. We are ready to provide you with all these options.


We offer:

Your salary will be $3000–5000+. If you believe your skills let you earn more, we are ready to discuss it during an interview! You’ll get a concise offer for first two months of working for our company. Later on, you will discuss your salary personally with the company’s CEO, which means you’ll get more every single month!;

You’ll get an offer with concise KPI for first two months of working for our company. Later on, you will discuss your salary personally with the company’s CEO, which means you’ll get more every single month;

During the quarantine period, 97% of employees started earning even a higher salary;

Working schedule is 10.00-19.00;

People surrounding you define your life level. Due to quality stages of an interview, we choose the best from the best. You will be working with true professionals in their field;

We fully cover the cost of your participation in trainings, seminars, and concentrates so that you could grow professionally and be aware of the latest marketing trends;

The company’s mission is to find cool specialists, provide them with career growth opportunities and develop worldwide products.

We hear our employees, which means that we consider both our clients’ and employees’ satisfaction level and reach a compromise in any situation;

There are orthopedic chairs in our office, and every employee is free to choose the equipment they need to ensure the best result as soon as possible;

Convenient location: 5 minutes from Palats Ukraina subway station;


What will you do:

1.Organize the work of the marketing department and manage the team (of 10 people at least).
2.Achieve performance goals according to the main marketing metrics: CPA, ROI, ROAS, LTV, CAC, etc. through all traffic channels used to attract customers (PPC, FB, native advertising, E-mail, SEO, SMM, affiliate partners, etc.)
3.Analyze the key figures of the sales funnel and optimize them.
4.Implement the latest technologies in the sphere of traffic and analytics on an ongoing basis.
5.Approve and distribute the budget between promotion channels, be responsible for its optimization and targeted use.
6.Monitor and ensure a constant increase in retention rates.
7.Develop the work with CPA networks ensuring the best cooperation conditions.
8.Constantly work on segmentation of the target audience and finding the best channels to deliver our message to each of them.
9.Hold daily, weekly, and monthly meetings on operational and strategic issues related to the work of the department.
10.Analyze the productivity rate of your every team member, define their monthly KPI, and monitor its implementation.
11.Set tasks for development and design department on all issues related to the work of the marketing department (landing pages, creatives, custom statistics, etc.)
12.Build and analyze multi-channel consolidated statistics on the main marketing metrics.
13.Seek the best cooperation conditions in case of external suppliers and services are involved.
14.Constantly analyze the competitive environment in the context of promotion methods, channels, budgets, creatives, and other significant indicators of the marketing framework.
15.Help the HP department to create vacancies and take part in interviewing candidates for the marketing department in your team.

О проекте

HEADWAY.GLOBAL Company is a branch of the holding group and is working on its own cool project. Currently we are looking for a Chief Marketing Officer with at least 3 years of experience in successfully holding this position on the markets of the USA, Europe, and Asia, who will earn well above the market value based on the result of their work!

We are a product IT-company designing our own product from the main business. We are experts in the field we’ve been working in for more than six years! With us, you’ll get an interesting intensive project with challenges and extensive budgets, which will help you develop your skills and never let you get bored! We choose our candidates very thoroughly so that you will be surrounded by strong, intelligent, and creative professionals. Your opinion and decisions will be of real value to the company. If challenges, difficult tasks, and career growth opportunities are what you are looking for, learn more about our vacancy and send us your CV! We are looking for someone who wants to become better every day and considers constant development as one of their priorities!