200...800 специалистов
Киев, Одесса

HEADWAY.GLOBAL is a company that has been successfully working with the markets of the USA and Western Europe for more than 6 years.
We are developing our own product and do not depend on investors, which is also a plus for the company and employees.

Strong people are our main value!
We invest in the strong and ambitious, develop, train, attend various trainings together.
Absolutely every employee fulfils their potential and discovers even more professional qualities, and we fully support them.

We are working with a new technology stack. This is why our developers never get bored.)
The company employs not only professionals in their field, but also friendly, helpful people who will always come to the rescue!

We do not consider wages every six months or once a year. There is a bonus part of your salary that you increase yourself thanks to your work results!

The office is located near “Palats Ukraina” metro station. There is always delicious coffee and tea in the office, even for the most capricious employees as well as fruits, cookies, etc.) We gather for lunches, dinners at the expense of the company and spend time together.

Are you a professional in your field? Are challenges and difficult tasks for you?
Check out our vacancies, send your resume and we will contact you!