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WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT We are a team of cyber security professionals. High qualification, flexibility and reliability are our main distinctions: - Experience in information security. Since 2001, we have gained rich information security experience in State sector, industry, pharmacy, telecom, retail, banking, IT outsourcing, etc. in different countries.
1 мая 2019

Security analyst / Penetration tester (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно $2500–4000

Необходимые навыки

Experience of penetration testing. Knowledge of modern penetration testing tools and methods. Knowledge of OWASP. Ability to compose technical reports. Intermediate or better written English or German. Responsibility.

Будет плюсом

Any of this is a plus:
— OSCP, Mile2 or CREST certifications.
— Experience of automated and manual security review of source code.
— Knowledge of blockchain, smart contracts, Solidity.
— Knowledge of Unix and Windows, programming languages, modern DevOps, CI and cloud technologies.
— Participation in CTF.
— Android or iOS penetration testing experience.
— WiFi or embedded pentesting experience.
— Reverse engineering or exploit development experience.
— Teaching experience.
— Good writing skills.
— Knowledge of ISO 27001.


Participation in the successful startup, particularly, in security audits and white-hat penetration testing of networks, websites, web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, embedded systems, smart contracts, organizations (social engineering) and other target objects. Project-based fees.


Pentest planning. Target object reconnaissance. Vulnerability assessment. Vulnerability verification. Vulnerability exploitation. Risk assessment. Technical report development.

О проекте

— Do you have considerable security experience and want an adequate company to value your talents fairly?
— You don’t know how to get more real pentesting experience without going to the dark side?
— You want interesting projects and teammates?
— You got to the right place at the right time!
— We offer remote and onsite jobs with flexible schedules and remunerations.
— We assist in the development of your skills and with personal certifications.