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Gunzilla Games is an independent videogame developer that unites world-class professionals in their eagerness to change the world of computer games and provide you ultimate gaming experience. With headquarters in Kyiv (Ukraine), and Frankfurt (Germany) we possess all required skills and technology to push the boundaries of gaming.
27 октября 2020

Front-End Developer (Web) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

English language fluency is a must

3 years + experience in frontend web development

Excellent knowledge of JavaScript in all its versatility and in an application and website development context

In-depth knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and SASS. You have an interest in smooth transitions and animations.

Excellent knowledge of React.js / Vue.Js as well as in data structure with libraries such as Redux, VueX, Flux or Immutable.js

Excellent and judicious use of build and packaging tools like Webpack, Yarn, and NPM

Experience with modern web technologies like TypeScript, ES2018, and Linters

Knowledge of RESTful APIs and familiarity with HTTP requests.

Experience with the implementation of real-time web applications (WAMP, Crossbar, Ratchet ...)

Experience with testing tools like Enzyme and Jest.

Knowledge of authorization mechanisms such as JWT, authentication, and cookies.

Experience and fluency with Linux shell, Docker, VM, and version control systems (Git, SSH, Docker).

Interest in continuous integration processes and strategies (Gitlab)


As a Front-End Developer in the Gunzilla Games marketing team, you will:

Communicate and collaborate closely with colleagues of various expertise and translate technical jargon

Work closely with UX specialists, developers, and designers on projects to convert wireframes, technical documents, and design into high-quality code to maximize user experience through a responsive and accessible interface

Adapt to varied contexts, changing priorities

Be creative, share constructive feedback, find original solutions

Have a sense of thoroughness, autonomy, creativity, and curiosity

Get things done, share good practices in frontend development, and help implement efficient processes

Analyze and optimize the performance of applications as well as web services

Provide advice and innovative solutions to complex technical problems in collaboration with colleagues & leads.

Perform workload estimates for specific tasks and present developments on different mandates

Perform and submit code for review in an efficient and respectful manner

О проекте

Gunzilla Games is looking for a Front-End Developer. You will collaborate closely with our designers to create interfaces with fluid transitions and extensive animations in order to support the marketing of our company platform.

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