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GTM Plus was established in 2015 in Lviv, Ukraine, in the heart of the country’s tech hub, where there are over 15.000 IT professionals and 200+ IT companies. We have two offices, the representative office in the Czech Republic and a delivery office in Lviv, where our specialists have the most inspiring and encouraging working conditions to produce desired results for a client’s business. Over the 2 years of being on the market, our team of over 160 IT experts has assisted several companies in designing both small and major products for their businesses while going through every stage of the product development cycle, overcoming the occurring obstacles to deliver the promised outcome to our clients.

What we do

GTM Plus provides dedicated expert teams handling tasks with different levels of complexity for outsourcing and staff augmentation needs to come up with effective solutions suitable to our clients’ needs, budgets, and timeframes. Our software engineers, designers, QA specialists, and business analytics apply their expertise to satisfy the needs of MVP building and team extension while keeping an eye on the processes undergoing in the client’s business.

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