You know Grintern — we are the platform you are currently browsing while looking for a job. The leading career website connecting top alumni with international employers like PwC, Unilever, IBM, Marriott, and others. Also, we have another business direction — Grintern Graduate, a team of enthusiastic people who provide young aspired talents with the opportunities to get a great career start in the startups of Silicon Valley and other US-based companies.

Our mission is based on our belief that GenZ can master their skills and show great performance even without having previous working experience — they are ready to learn quickly and work hard, so they only need a little help with a chance to prove themselves. We give them that chance! We connect with high-potential US startups that need help and are ready to take a junior member to their team and organize those win-win situations. Moreover, our whole process from discussing the client’s needs to the new team member’s first working day takes no longer than 2 weeks! We provide a pleasant and unique customer experience both for the candidates and the companies looking for them.

The founder of Grintern, Anastasia Sartan, is a data scientist, serial female entrepreneur, and a very inspiring person. She lives in California and knows all the needs of the startups better than anyone — she has founded not only the amazing career platform which you are browsing right now (yes-yes, but also two more successful startups: StyleHacks — the Google and Founders Fund-backed startup, leveraging AI, and voice commerce to create a personalized shopping experience; and one of the first largest fashion e-commerce company in Russia, funded by European investors and with an acquisition offer from in 2013.

Since 2011, Grintern has already helped 100.000+ students and graduates to find interesting jobs in Russia, and more than 100 young talents have joined US-based companies together with Grintern since 2020!