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Grid Dynamics is the engineering IT services company known for transformative, mission-critical cloud solutions for retail, finance and technology sectors. We architected some of the busiest e-commerce services on the Internet and have never had an outage during the peak season.
13 ноября 2018

Intern DevOps Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Objective: Educates engineers of how to build Continuous integration for applications development. Program assumes a lot of teamwork and gives a culture of efficient communication, collaboration and practice in appliance of development methodologies.

Required skills
• Basic knowledge of Linux OS internals.
• Ability to use Linux command line and write simple one liners.
• Basic knowledge of bash scripting.
• At least Intermediate English level.
• Strong motivation, high interest to software development and ability to self-studying.


Today Grid Dynamics announces the start of Internship Program in DevOps Engineer specialization. The best students will be hired by Grid Dynamics after the successful completion of Internship Program and further 3-months probation period. Duration of the Internship Program is 3 months.

Program includes:
• Python scripting.
• DBs basics (RDBMS, NoSQL).
• Configuration management and automatic software deployment.
• Code versioning and version control systems.
• Cloud operation basics.
• Software testing process overview.
• Software development process principles, release management, code review process.
• Continuous integration.
• Client-server architectures.

О проекте

Grid Dynamics is a specialized IT services company that develops, integrates and manages mission-critical cloud applications for large enterprises and fast-growing technology companies, primarily in Retail, Financial Services and High Tech industries. We have been working with cutting-edge open source and cloud technologies since the company’s inception, which coincided with the launch of Amazon cloud service a decade ago.

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