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Hello there, we are the team, specializing in IT recruiting. Our
mission is to provide simple and smart recruiting.
We help companies to find the best talented candidates, also we help candidates to
find a dream job.
So we make it smart and easy.
We’re the team of professionals, who decided to make recruitment in an easy way, we
have a deep understanding of the technical areas in your industry. We just offer you to
try. And if you try us, you can see that staffing of candidates is not as hard as you might
We know how to hire all kind of developers, engineers, data scientists, , PMs,
BAs, architects and other IT professionals.
And we know how to spend less time and less efforts to bring you more results.
The average term for closing a vacancy is 2-3 weeks.
Standard conditions — 1 fixed salary for a specialist upon joining a job, 1 free
replacement if the probationary period is not passed.