13 січня 2023

HRD (вакансія неактивна)


Gravity is an IT company where great ideas transform into successful projects. In Gravity we develop effective solutions and tools for business promotion and support.
Now we’re looking for a perfect HRD to join Gravity team and make great things together. Follow the scope of responsibilities and required skills. If you feel we can fit each other — apply immediately and let’s rock it!

• Top’s employee journey;
— onboarding and adaptation, L&D, retention, rotation
• HR Processes (Policies and Procedures);
• HR Strategy;
• Culture + Internal Communications;
• Compensations;
• Effective talent acquisition.


• Set up and develop HR Processes
— Set up and develop HR Strategy based on business strategy;
— Develop organisational design due to company changes and growth;
— Manage, prioritise and update HR policies and procedures;
— R&D of the HR function to develop business.

• Manage HR Department
— Set up and monitor team and personal goals;
— Manage performance and results due to succeeded goals and employee potential;
— Manage employees learning and development (IDPs, learning activities such as trainings, courses, conferences and so on);
— Track and improve team engagement and communication;
— Select tools and solutions for effective work (HRIS, analytics tools, feedback tools etc);
— Track HR metrics due to chosen performance indicators.

• Manage TOP’ team Performance and L&D
— Set up, monitor and conclude goals and IDPs;
— Manage Check-ups and Performance Reviews;
— Manage continuous feedback sessions and support for TOPs;
— Manage L&D for TOPs and support them in managing their teams (within processes, techniques, instruments, tools etc);
— Manage TOPs within Employee lifecycle (onboarding, retention, L&D, rotation).

• Work with Culture
— Define and set up company’s values and work basics and support to implement value approach in recruiting;
— Manage and develop internal communications;
— Work and increase employee engagement.

• Manage Compensations
— Prepare HR finance reporting;
— Monitor motivation market benchmarks (rates, bonus systems, benefits etc);
— Track team costs;
— Plan HR Budget (forecasting on number of employees, salary data, benefits programs, training and development, payroll costs, overtime, HR tools etc).

Main Challenges:
• Audit of HR Function;
• Update Organisational Structure;
• Develop Competency Matrix (as a part of Performance Management System);
• Build year HR strategy based on business strategy;
• Build Internal Communication System (communication map within organisation → team → individual);
• Develop L&D program.

What is important for us:
• 5+ years of management experience;
• Work experience in several IT/Marketing companies;
• Experience in scaling processes (or being in a team in a leadership position during the active growth of the company);
• Direct work with top management;
• Team management experience (4+ people);
• Strong negotiation skills.

Why to be by our side:
• Formed HR team — recruitment, including recruitment of the lead, and PeopleOps. And we are ready to develop and expand 💪
• Open Board /TOP Management, easy to promote any ideas and no bureaucracy;
• You will have freedom of action in the direction of HR development and Ownership function;
• Friendly environment and powerful corporate culture;
• Work equipment, refund of professional courses and events;
• Corporate English speaking club;
• Work-life balance and practice flexible schedule;
• Internal courses, KSSs and monthly team buildings;
• Permanent and stable internet in the office (even if there is no light);
• Accumulators and power banks for recharging work devices;
• Co-working compensation.

If you think we are a perfect match, go through our Hiring Process and apply immediately:
1. HR Screening
Thank you for applying, now your CV goes to our recruitment team. If it fits our job description, our recruiter calls you to get some info about you.
2. General interview
We invite you to our office to hold a general interview. It includes technical and HR parts, and takes to 30 mins.
3. Test assignment
It’s time to test your skills! It will show you day-to-day tasks you will face with, and will show us your skills in practice. Good luck with this :)
4. Final interview
We invite you to the final interview and have some get-to-know meeting, where both you and we are able to get answers to all the left questions.
5. Offer letter
We send you an offer and wait passionately for you at our team. Congrats :)