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17 мая 2019

Mobile solution Engineer(IOS) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

Currently we’re looking for Mobile Solution Engineer to join our team Confiant
Confiant was built for the programmatic era, so it takes a new approach to eliminating bad ads. The result is more control for you and significantly broader threat detection.

●You’ve worked for 3+ years developing SDKs for: iOS
●You have experience using WebViews and building native/JS bridges
●You’re excited to experience the early and growth stages of a business
●You’re comfortable wearing multiple hats and collaborating across departments
●You enjoy learning about the latest industry trends
●You have expert knowledge in performance, enterprise system architecture, and engineering best practices.
●You have a degree in Computer Science, a similar engineering degree or equivalent experience
●Proficient in using Github
●Technology: Swift/Objective C, Javascript, GIT

Будет плюсом

●Experience with C++ Android extensions, method swizzling in iOS swift


Top outcomes that you will be responsible for:
● Designing, developing and maintaining SDKs in both Android and iOS environments
● Designing and developing our real time blocking SDK

О проекте

Confiant protects publishers’ and platforms’ reputations, revenue, and resources with always-on anti-malware software that provides protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads. Our sole focus is on helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware. This focus enables us to evolve quickly and meet our clients’ needs for defeating the bad actors trying to undermine the industry.
We are the first to come to market with a technology that does not just detect the malicious activity, but actively blocks it. We believe in the intelligent application of this new technology to fight back and make media safe for everyone.