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I’ve been working for this company for over 6 months. When I was getting started, a number of employees (they were from different departments) kept telling me that it was “the best company in the world”. I must say I chose not to attach much weight to their words at the time. As they say, “self-praise is no recommendation”, you know. However, each new day spent here shows me that they were actually right.
Let’s start from the beginning.
1. The interview.
When I was interviewed for the job, I was asked only about my professional skills and experience, there weren’t any irrelevant questions. I must add that they devoted a good part of the interview to telling me in detail about the position and my future functions. What is more, I was provided timely feedback at each stage of the hiring process.

2. The onboarding.
The company offers its newcomers a really great and accessible onboarding program. I must say that their program is the best I have completed so far. The content is very engaging and informative. Apart from being useful in a professional way, it’s also good for broadening one’s horizons.

3. Additional training and education.
All employees can attend English classes twice a week. The game-based language teaching techniques they use are really good for digesting and memorizing new materials. There are also a great number of internal training courses — I have managed to take around 10 of those in my 6 months of employment here, even though the situation in our country has been rather tough, as you well know.

4. The staff.
The first thing I would like to point out is that most of the employees have worked here for a long time —for around 5 years on average. There are people in my department who have been here for more than 10 years, while the newcomers are rather few. Regardless of that, I find all of my co-workers very approachable, friendly and helpful. Nobody here would ever refuse to help you if you asked for it, or at least I have never heard of such a thing.

5. Business processes.
Things around here seem to be organized in a very clear and sensible way. There are no convoluted plans or abstruse, incomprehensible workflow stages, and you won’t be forced to waste your time filling in unnecessary tables. All processes are automated and there is an enterprise CRM system in place, which makes daily routine work a lot easier.

Підтримали: Tetiana Derkach

На днях собеседовалась — очень приятная HR-менеджер и классные продакты, которые меня собеседовали, понравилось то, что компания интернациональная, первое впечатление отличное :)))

Я пришел в эту компанию в Апреле 2020.

Компания очень высокого уровня, ценит своих сотрудников, ставит амбициозные цели и дает интересные проекты и интересный опыт.

Из плюсов:
— Отличный коллектив
— Интересные проекты
— Хороший баланс работа / личная жизнь
— Мультинациональная команда
— Личностный рост
— Профессиональный рост
— Частые тренинги

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