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glomex — is the leading video marketplace in the German-speaking region for the online distribution and marketing of premium video content. The range of content currently comprises more than 1M videos from prestigious licensors such as TV stations and news agencies. The content is distributed on over 500 linked publisher websites.
In addition, glomex provides the technology for video publishing and ensures industry-leading marketing of the content, primarily via SevenOne Media

Where we stand

  • more than 500 premium websites
  • more than 200 renowned content providers across Europe
  • more than 1.000.000 videos in our content pool
  • more than 250 M video views per month

Technical platform

At glomex we are building a state of the art, high availability, and high load system.

DevOps culture is the basis of our technical process that allows us to deliver code multiple times a day, monitor, and alert the most business-critical parts.

We strongly rely on AWS services like Elasticsearch, ECS, RDS, CloudFront, Lambda, and many more. Microservices architecture allows us to bring scalability exactly where and when it is needed and be flexible on programming framework selection at the same time. The data platform is another component that uses Kafka and Snowflake to provide real-time analytics at an extremely low cost. We have received the “Gartner Data & Analytics Excellence Award” in the “Best Data Management and Infrastructure” category.

Benefits of working with us

There are plenty of, while we share the following:

  • Product company: focus on meaningful work, where your opinion matters
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Agile culture in planning, implementation and deployment
  • Official employment
  • Medical insurance
  • Conference budget
  • Public holidays, vacations and sick leaves
  • Great professional and interpersonal atmosphere

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