Протягом 20 рокiв GlobalLogic надає консультацiї, розробляє та створює чудовi цифровi продукти та програмне забезпечення у самiсiнькому серцi Кремнiєвої Долини. Ми гарантуємо вам доброзичливе та iнклюзивне середовище, де у вас буде достатньо викликiв, i де ви будете вчитися та зростати кожен день.
4 вересня 2023

Middle Qt/C++ Engineer IRC194305 (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, віддалено

GlobalLogic is inviting a Qt/C++ Engineer to join our engineering team.

The Software Engineer will be a member of our engineering team working on the development of patient monitoring solutions products. This position requires a good understanding of design and development practices and the ability to apply those to our product development.
A key element of this role includes advocating for and designing products that meet the functional, and performance needs of our customers.
A strong systems approach to product development will be necessary in this role.



— 4+ years’ relevant software development experience is required
— Proficiency in C++ and good knowledge in object-oriented programming paradigm
— Good knowledge of the Qt5+ framework
— Experience developing reliable and scalable systems and services
— Experience with Linux
— Willing to work on anything, a ‘get things done mindset
— Ability to deal with ambiguity
— Attention to detail
— Team player
— Strong communication skills
— Upper-intermediate English

Will be a plus:
Working knowledge of software development tools such as Azure DevOps, Git, etc
Working knowledge of Agile development processes

Details splitted by area:

— It’s must to know how to track or preserve a lifetime of dynamically created objects
— It’s good to know what are the std algorithms and how and when they’re used, at least to comprehend easily currently written code
— It’s good to know how to pick the correct data structure related to its use
— It’s good to understand threading library threads in general and related constructs used for synchronization between threads
— It’s good to understand at least basic template programming to comprehend the current code base

— It’s must to understand Qt concepts, like what is the QObject, QVariant, QThread, QEventLoop.
— It’s must to understand how are QObjects communicate (signal, slots), what are the different kind of connection types.

— It’s good to understand classes related to threading QFuture, QFutureWatcher, QtConcurrentRun
— It’s nice to know what are the QAbstractItem, QAbstractListModelBase, QAbstractFilterProxy and when they’re used. How is the interaction done between C++ and QML
— In QML to understand how ListView works, what are the delegates, what is the model. What is Repeater, Loader.

— Understand concepts, understand API of other teams, mindset to consider every possibility.
— It’s a must to have a good understanding and creating UML diagrams(class, sequence)
— Good communication and documentation skills
— Knew how to design API, consider other teams needs, consistency
— Knowing how and when to apply design patterns

— It’s necessary to be able to quickly comprehend other peoples code to be proactive and dig deep in code to understand how everything related works.
— To have a mindset to fix things properly and to avoid workarounds, i.e. find root cause of the problem write unittest for it
— It’s important to have mindset to not to left “broken windows in the building”
— Don’t be overly confident over your code but always write unittests.
— Be proactive to change, when there are new things in the standard available consider to use them.
— It’s good to have positive mindset, and encourage people when they’re active and asking questions.
— Mindset to like to read others code it’s nice to have, it’s a learning experience.


— Participate in systems-level requirements definition, architecture, design and external communications/connectivity interface designs
— Design, write, debug, document and release software used for showing of patients physiological information
— Ensure on-time delivery of software including design documentation and unit tests necessary for maintenance of the software
— Developing UI application for showing patients vitals in C++17 with Qt6 framework

What Do We Offer?

We create an environment where everyone can fully realize their talents, freely share knowledge and experience, and create truly important things. Happy people create revolutionary products. We believe that we are able to change the world for the better — and we, as a company, help our specialists grow and be truly happy!

Various types of cooperation — comfortable office or remote collaboration from home, opportunities for relocation — all depend on your preferences. We will support you at every stage of these processes and do our best to help you feel comfortable!

Support of health and sports activities

We care about the physical and mental health of all specialists. Every specialist can choose the most relevant option for themselves:

  • Medical Insurance — our partners provide our consultants with special health insurance packages, which include both doctor’s visits and massage courses. Also, our specialists have special conditions for special insurance for loved ones, insurance during travel, and transport insurance.
  • Wellbeing Deposit this deposit allows you to buy sports equipment for the home and uniform, go to the gym, etc. It is also possible to visit a psychologist, attend massages and spa treatments, and even subscribe to fitness applications for a mobile phone or online training related to physical and mental health.

Learning and professional growth

You’ll collaborate with — and learn from — award-winning designers and engineers through customer projects, hackathons, meetups, and more. Listen to the top speakers or be one of them — it’s up to you! Moreover, we have various internal courses, programs, and possibilities to boost your skills.

Create more than just a code. Make an impact beyond the code

In today’s world, software engineers create a better future for people and the planet. GlobalLogic’s experts are contributing to this world right now in various projects: automotive, media, industrial, and healthcare.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

We positively impact our communities by supporting education, the environment, and developing women in tech.

For example, learn more about our EcoHike — a special app that makes the world cleaner! Not only our engineers, but tourists, eco-activists, and hiking fans are using it regularly to keep our nature clean and vital.

Technology first

Realize all your ideas within our internal tech clubs and communities. Feel free to find new friends, boost your skills, and grow professionally!