Are you an IT specialist and looking for a job?

Our goal is to connect business owners with professionals in the IT sphere to staff their teams. And we are constantly looking for new talents.
Why would you like to cooperate with us?

✔️ We run professional courses that will help you improve your skills and knowledge;
✔️ We strive to deliver a comfortable workspace and positive working conditions, with health and wellness benefits and frequent team-building motivational and social activities;
✔️ Our well-appointed workstations and ergonomic equipment are ready and waiting for you to join us;
✔️ Vacation and sick pay, health and dental insurance, gym membership;
✔️ Professional development courses, English language classes at different levels.

Today, Global Teams has expanded to include over 150 experienced software developers and other professionals in Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Romania, and other countries in East-Central Europe. Follow our page and get information about open positions! 💪🏻

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