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18 октября 2021

Senior Unreal Engine Developer | Holovis, UK

Киев $5000–7000

Holovis is looking for a Senior Unreal Engine Developer to join a project that is building a Next Generation Boutique Fitness Studio.

Company Description:

Holovis is a global leader in complex AV, reality & system integration, real-time immersive media, and data-driven content. Their clients are Universal Studio, LEGOLAND Parks, McLaren, the British Museum, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Jaguar Land Rover, and others.

Project Description:

They are building intelligent gym and fitness studios, by leveraging the latest advancements in body tracking, guest identification, and digital coaches. The project focuses on an immersive, fully projection-mapped studio combined with interactive and individualized content driving new levels of engagement and fitness results.

The purpose is to successfully develop new, innovative software applications, and to support and enhance existing software applications in immersive and interactive technologies.


  1. Create applications in both industry and entertainment sectors using the Unreal Engine. This could involve creating applications for mobile devices right through to high-end visualization systems such as CAVEs or interactive theme park rides.
  2. Develop and maintain our software framework, a C++/ C# based suite of tools and libraries for all Virtual Reality, Visualisation, and Interactive Gaming content.
  3. To develop, write and document code to professional standards of architectural integrity and robust performance.
  4. To contribute to R&D across our technologies including XR, Machine Learning, and extended experiences.
  5. To assist with the initial installation and configuration of new Holovis software at customer sites.
  6. Make valuable and timely contributions to all necessary development meetings.
  7. Deliver to timetable and the required standard of all documentation following completion of the application.
  8. Resolve technical issues arising from hardware changes, new operating systems, etc.
  9. To be able to Test software with precision, diagnose and fix issues found.
  10. Resolve technical issues arising from hardware changes, new operating systems, etc.
  11. Test new application features work as required.
  12. Integrate with 3rd party tools/libraries/hardware.

Essential Skills and Experience:

  • Experience with the Unreal game engine using C++ and Blueprints.
  • Real-Time Software Application Development experience.
  • Experience with the full lifecycle of software development.
  • C++ programming skills and experience.
  • Good experience implementing well decoupled and maintainable code.
  • Knowledge of Object-oriented programming and other useful programming methodologies and patterns.
  • Windows and Linux OS experience.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Git or similar source control system experience.
  • Degree level qualification in maths, science, or engineering (Masters preferred).

Bonus Skills and Experience — it would be great if you had some of these:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis and translation to software user stories/data mapping.
  • Experience working with Unreal’s Meta Humans project.
  • Working with customers directly.
  • DevOps skills: Configuration management, server management, and specification,
  • deployment tools.
  • Agile experience.
  • Unity Engine Experience with C#.
  • Mobile/tablets native app development.
  • Knowledge of 3D graphics rendering.
  • Integration of new hardware technologies into our current framework.
  • Knowledge of clustering, and multiple display solutions.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning.

Technical Description:

Leveraging depth tracking cameras, wireless tracking, projection mapping, intelligent data-driven insights, and experience suggestions for guests.

Company’s Culture — it would be great if you have these personal attributes:

  1. The ability and willingness to listen.
  2. Trustworthiness, working conscientiously to standards without close supervision.
  3. The willingness and capability to learn new skills.
  4. The willingness and capability to share existing skills with colleagues.
  5. Assertiveness, asking questions to understand the brief, flagging concerns, and identifying areas where tasks can be done better, quicker.

Interview Steps:

  1. Recruiter Interview.
  2. Tech Interview.
  3. Crossfunctional Interview.

We go beyond the usual perks... By working with us, you will get:

  • Best-in-class IT equipment mirroring our client set-up.
  • Monthly education allowance for courses, training, books, events.
  • Cutting-edge office in the centre of Ukraine’s first innovation park —
  • Access to all events in the Unit.City and our partner’s network.
  • Daily lunches in the office, unlimited coffee and drinks.
  • Mentoring from executives.
  • Internal team-building events every month.
  • Lectures from experts.
  • Vacation (18 working days a year).
  • Medical, vision, dental coverage, and life insurance.
  • Monthly commute allowance or free parking space.
  • Gym or swimming pool membership, after-work activities & hobbies.

Working Model:

GT builds remote engineering teams for outstanding product companies. Our future mate will work directly with a client. We call this ‘Extended Team model’, and it means that each team member is integrated as deeply as possible into the client’s team. You will work with the same tools and technologies as they do and communicate directly with a client without any intermediary in between. Our clients usually (before the pandemic) came for a week each month and spend a lot of time with the team in Kyiv. We also encourage trips to a client and joint teambuilding and after-work activities.

At GT we:

  1. Take care of the office, payroll, taxes, and other important things.
  2. Provide you with mentorship and support.
  3. Set up a growth plan and educational budget for your development.