Global Bilgi

200...800 спеціалістів
Київ, Харків, Дніпро, Суми, Віддалено

Founded in 1999 in Turkey, as a part of the Turkcell Group, Global Bilgi improves customer experience for brands with more than 16000 employees at 25 locations in Turkey and Ukraine.

Global Bilgi started its operations in Ukraine in October 2008 and today we have more than 650 employees at 3 locations: Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, and remote all around the country. We are the leaders in the field of contact centers in Ukraine and stand among the three largest outsourcing contact centers in the country, occupying 15% of the market.

Based on experience in the field, our IT specialists developed a new product — the all-in-one digital platform for contact centers called Sirius. Combining the best practices in the industry, we created a robust solution that is already serving companies from various industries. The platform optimizes resources and makes workflow smooth and efficient. Another IT solution we offer to the market — the Turkcell RPA platform which automates routine tasks and increases the efficiency of any business.

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