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15 квітня 2022 21:27

Maksat Hojamammedov, UA Manager в Gismart

My journey with Gismart started right before Christmas, I had a quick call with Victoria, the talent acquisition manager. I had a few more calls, assignment to do. Everyone at the interviews was so nice and friendly! Once I had an issue with the internet connection and got very nervous but the team was so friendly that I was able actually answer to the questions.
And after a couple of weeks, I was offered the UA Manager position at Gismart.
During my probation time I met a lot of people online within the company, everyone was trying to help me and make my work/onboarding smooth. The Company indeed got very talented and very nice people.
Gismart provides a very nice social package, including medical cover, paid vacation, days off and etc., also HR department is always online and ready to help and solve all of your problems no matter what is it: legal questions, new laptop, or relocation, there are always people who’ll assist you and help. Really appreciate it!
There couldn’t be a better start!

Підтримали:  Viktoria Stellini


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Maksat, thanks so much for your kind words and review on Gismart and our interviewing process. Thanks for sharing the insights on your journey with us so far. And it’s just the beginning :)