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Gillie Software

21...80 специалистов
Харьков, Днепр

Gillie Software it’s European company with locations in Europe: Ukraine, Poland, Russia. Creating geospatial data processing, web applications based on digital maps, optimising business processes, streaming data processing, VoIP, machine learning.Here, you have the opportunity to add value and be valued — to achieve your professional goals and work with truly exceptional people.We believe in your potential, we inspire your achievement and we value your talents. That’s why we offer a job position in the dynamically developing company, you are expected to get: comfortable office in the city centre, friendly stаff, flexible schedule, interesting tasks and professional growth.

Our product is a complex solution for call centers, starting from the formation of operator teams, making calls, ending with all kinds of reports on the activities of the call center. No binding to a specific switch.
The main task is to create a so-called silent call center, saving on training and the number of staff.
The solution includes a number of applications:
1. An application for the recruitment and formation of operator teams.
Entering operators into the database, maintaining information about their training.
2. Fixing schedules and actual comings/leavings from work.
3. Application interaction with call centers — formation of a list of customers for calling, city-structured, planning of new presentations, formation of routes, categorization of clients based on the results of calls.
4. Agent for making calls. The ability to make calls with both voice and pre-prepared records. Audio recordings form conversation scenarios. Carrying out different and comparing results to form the most effective scenario.
Each application includes operator performance reports.