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Getvisibility discovers, categorizes and classifies unstructured data (documents and emails) across an organisation. The platform does this using a two-pronged approach.

Firstly, end users can manually classify documents on creation with the help of an AI agent. This classification is later checked and amended if needed by Getvisibility’s machine learning engine.

Secondly, the software scans legacy documents and emails in the organisation’s environment. Getvisibility also provides risk and compliance assessments as well as enforcing protection on sensitive data.

Getvisibility is using state-of-the-art AI to classify and secure your documents and emails in real-time. Getvisibility’s dual approach to data classification allows staff to manually classify documents as they are created with suggestions and automated checking, while the machine learning algorithms scan, categorise and classify legacy data. The Getvisibility solution also provides organisations with risk assessments regarding compliance, permission management, data quality and user activity. We combine this information into a centralised self-teaching data protection platform with staff education and process improvement for evolving security improvement over time.