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Mobile apps to help you and your family stay connected and safe throughout the day. GeoZilla enables users and their family members to share location through iOS and Android devices, as well as connect popular IoT devices via their smartphones to be informed in case they need help.

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Interesting facts about our startup:
— Launched July 2015.
— Throughout the years we have helped over 4 million users stay connected to their loved ones.
— Learned to work with their location data to distinguish daily patterns to warn users about any deviations.
— Users coming from all over the world, mainly the U.S., Europe, Brazil and China.
— Server load of over 4000 rpm (requests per minute).

Technologies we use:

Android: Java, Kotlin, many Android APIs (Interface and Animations, Data Storage, Location and Sensors, Multithreading, etc.).

iOS: Obj-C, many native APIs: app background functioning, CoreData, CoreLocation, MapKit, Networking, GCD, Push Notifications, in-app Purchase, AutoLayout...
Other: json, protobuf, MySQL, mongoDB, redis, php, rabbitmq, xmpp (jabber),, git, jenkins, gradle, gerrit, tdd, p2p code reviews, agile (scrum-like).

Join us if you want to be part of a team working to make lives of millions more safe.

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