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  • Project Manager Киев
    — Relevant experience in IT Project Management or IT PM courses — Result-oriented with a strong analytical mindset. — Oriented to self-development and growth.
  • We are looking for talented and motivated UX/UI Designer who has a strong desire to learn and continuously develop various skills.
  • An innovative company, based in the USA that proposes the easiest in use, and economical cordless platform in the agriculture industry.
  • Working on React Native app in the retail industry (delivery app and a healthy lifestyle). The online platform that enables people to order the delivery of different products.
  • The Company of integrated, on-demand video-delivered training platform that is built entirely professionals in the financial field.
  • You will be able to participate in US based startup working on application for sharing reccomnedations on your favorite places, including parcing of data from 3rd party APIs and websites.

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