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4 липня 18:59

Tanya Dzhun, Business Development Manager

I have been working at Genius Software for more than a year as a Project Manager, Product Owner and Business Analyst.

During my cooperation, I can say the following:

— The company offers a choice of excellent projects of various levels and niches, from IOT, AI to Blockchain.

— The team is quite friendly and happy to help at any time.

— The management always cares about their employees and the team and ready to listen and help when it’s necessary.

— For mothers on maternity leave, there are excellent options for working part-time. That’s how I started actually.

— There is an opportunity to develop and obtain certificates of various levels (here the company already covers %).

— Well, the most important thing is the bonuses and periodic review of the employment contract and salary.

In general, I really recommend Genius Software to everyone, especially those who want to develop and move forward.


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