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Genius Software is a software outsourcing company from Ukraine. We are team of experienced and certified software engineering professionals offering 10+ years of successful development of diverse software projects in various industries such as FinTech, Banking, Investment, PropTech, MarTech, TravelTech, Retail, e-Commerce, Startups, Automotive, Embedded, ERP, CMR, Marketplaces, Healthcare, Digital, Sports, IT-consulting.

With dozens projects under our belt, we know how to maximize business value and ensure sustainability with custom technical solutions. Our key values are our expertise and flexibility. A client chooses the engagement model that works best for the business needs: outsourcing, outstaffing, dedicated team, staff augmentation or product development.

Digital transformation has never been easier — all you need to do is just tell us your requirements. We will advise you on the fitting solution, resources, and timeframes for your business. Our main asset is people! We hire top software engineers to run your project from initial estimation to successful launch.