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We provide comprehensive fraud intelligence solutions to the largest organizations worldwide. If you are interested in making the internet safe by tracking, analyzing and mapping criminal groups and individual malicious actors, please join our team.
4 ноября 2020

Cyber Threat Intelligence/Malware Analyst

Киев, удаленно $2000–3000

Необходимые навыки

We are looking for a Threat Intelligence/Malware Analyst who:

— has knowledge and experience in analysis of various threat actor groups, attack patterns and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), deep analysis of threats across the enterprise by combining security rules, content, policy and relevant datasets
— can query, process and manipulate data in a variety of platforms and formats
— build hunting tools and automations for use in the discovery of human adversaries
— is able to rapidly understand and leverage new technologies

— Passion for the cyber security subject and knowledge of financial threats, tools, tactics, techniques and procedures
— Experience as a fraud investigator, network security researcher, threat hunter, SOC analyst, incident responder, Network security operations, penetration tester, red teamer. Ideally working in a CIRT, NOC or SOC
— Excellent understanding of common network protocols and models
— Knowledge of behaviours of different types of threat actors
— Experience with open source research platforms (RiskIQ, PublicWWW, VirusTotal, URLScan, etc)
— Scripting ability in languages such as Python, Ruby, Javascript, or C (desirable but not required)
— Be able to work independently and efficiently with little to no supervision

Будет плюсом

— Experience on red team activities is a plus
— Forensic/Pentest certifications are a plus


Зарплата зависит от опыта работы,
Mинимальный уровень — Strong Mid
Свободный график
Полная удаленная работа
Оплачиваемый отпуск
Перформанс бонус
Акции компании


Analysis of Magecart and similar injection attacks, catalog the TTPs/IOCs, and contribute to the intelligence reports. Work within the team of intelligence analysts and support broader research projects.


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