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We are a rapidly evolving company founded in 2003 uniting a team of technology professionals in the spheres of software development, system maintenance, quality assurance, and technical support. GeeksForLess is based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Nassau, the Bahamas, Mykolaiv, Kyiv and Lviv, Ukraine and Krakow, Poland.

Today we provide full cycle development and support for companies of various scales; ambitious startups, mid-sized firms and huge billion dollar enterprises. Over the past decade we have developed a culture where people are the focus and processes exist to support them, not vice-versa.

Our core value set:
Satisfaction — striving to exceed our customers expectations daily;
Efficiency — working smarter and getting the job done right the first time;
Communication — enabling an environment of free and open communication;
Team Cohesion — through accountability, ownership and mutual respect;
Progress — constant improvement one step at a time.

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