Gecko Dynamics

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Gecko Dynamics is a web & custom software development company, specializing in development of SaaS applications, Business Process Management systems, refactoring & recovery of poor-code projects and development of mobile applications. We deliver high-performance and stable software solutions since 2002.

What you may find important to know about us:
Custom software development, web development, mobile development, developer leasing and IT consulting services
Over 15 years of commercial experience with over 100 success stories
Multi-years experience in enterprise technologies, security and development of large distributed systems
Company that puts quality higher that marketing brochures and nice look in the web
Worked with Nokia, Air Canada, PepsiCo, Cinepolis, CamTran and many others
What we provide:

End-to-end solutions for both web & mobile, as well as pure software engineering
Team profficient in Java, .Net, Angular, React.js, PHP, HTML and others
Cost-cutting, yet high performance technologies for mobile such as React Native, Xamarin