Gebo Tools

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We’re a multinational eCommerce company, looking for a talented Python developer to help our ever growing team automate a large variety of business processes. From complex integrations with multiple platforms, automating entire order management and acquisition flows to machine learning across on amounts of data, we strive and manage to do everything in-house.

With 3 markets, 6 eCommerce websites, 20+ more 3rd party eCommerce platforms, 100+ marketing channels and over 10,000 orders per month — we rely heavily on our IT team to create clever solutions that make large amounts of data manageable across all relevant avenues. From the initial acquisition then sale of a product to the final delivery of that item to a consumer, there are many pieces that need to fall into place.

As our business grows, these pieces are a constant challenge to control unless we create predictable automated solutions for each process that allows us to scale volume and drive measurable results.