Python conf in Kharkiv, Nov 16 with Intel, Elastic engineering leaders. Prices go up 21.10

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We are professionals with more than 3 years of experience in long-term projects. Within this period we received a comprehensive background in developing Web Apps on such popular frameworks as React and Vue, also we have extensive experience in Server development with Node and iOS/Android Apps with React Native.

During our previous projects, we’ve worked with such companies as Cisco, Atlassian and others. This helped us understand the value of responsibility and timely communication with a client and a team. We often take responsibility for managing tasks and consort directly with a client, because possibility quickly discusses all details really speeds up the process of development.

We understand the importance of creating a product that can be easily adjusted to the quickly changing market requirements. To help you withstand a tough competition in a market, we use only the most powerful tools and technologies. This allowed us developing performant software solutions. We love learning new technologies, search out for effective decision and grow up as a professional. Working with a variety of technologies and tools, helps us to use proven best practices for many of existing challenges and foresee the future for you.

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