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Welcome to Fulcrum. Put shortly — we are a design & development company. We create apps, websites for businesses worldwide. How are we different from others? Our major goal is to bring value. This means we work on interesting, worthwhile projects & always have a say in what we do. Ready to join? Here’s what to expect: 1.
16 февраля 2021

QA Manual (вакансия неактивна)


Fulcrum is growing! That’s why right now we’re looking for a talented and knowledge-thirsty Junior QA Engineer to join our team.

Fulcrum is a young and fast-growing IT outsourcing company.
We’re specializing in developing web and mobile applications for Western Europe.

Who are we looking for?
First of all, we’re looking for a person who shares our values and vision, wants to grow and advance together. We seek a person who enjoys solving complex tasks.
What professional skills do we expect?

— Experience of working experience as a QA (Manual);
— Experience in mobile\web testing;
— Experience in writing test documentation;
— Experience in working with Jira or its analogs;
— Experience in working with DevTools;
— Knowledge of testing theory, test design techniques, ability to apply;
— Proficient understanding of testing processes;
— Understanding of client-server architecture:
— Intermediate level of English

A great bonus:
— Basic knowledge SQL/NoSQL
— Experience in working with Postman
— TestRail experience

What are the tasks?:
— Analyze software requirements;
— Preparing checklists, test cases, and reports;
— Manual testing;
— Tight cooperation with the development team.

What’s in it for you? Lots of things. Let’s start.

Constant self-education
1. Each week we have DevLog — quick internal meetings where our developers tell about brilliant tech solutions they have used on projects
2. 70% of the price for educational courses is compensated by the company
3. We pay for AWS, GCP, Azure certifications
4. We got a pretty good and versatile library in the office, that you can read, use and grow

Projects that make you proud
1. We work with projects that will make sense and you’ll be proud to have worked on them (the kind of projects you want to share on school and university reunions!)
2. There’s no legacy code. We build projects from scratch.
3. All projects have proper documentation and a clear roadmap, you don’t need to ’think what to do next’,
4. You also have a say in everything we do, starting from the roadmap, creating requirements, sprint planning, and scope
5. You aren’t just a coder, you are involved in the business essence of the project, working with a like-minded team, who care about the project
6. If something doesn’t go smoothly, if you think the functionality can be simplified, just go ahead and tell our PM, BA, or a client directly, you have all freedom to do this
7. You can estimate your tasks yourself and choose how you accomplish them
8. If the projects end — we don’t stop working together and find you another interesting project you will enjoy
9. Your work will start with onboarding, to let you know everything about Fulcrum, our development practices, and your project. You won’t be ’thrown’ into a project right away

1. Gorgeous office with an amazing panorama of the park near Shuliyavska subway, where we gather to exchange ideas, play board games and grow together.
2. Want to work remotely? No problem!
3. We’re flexible. Start and end your working day whenever you want

1. Your compensation completely depends on you and your responsibility spheres. Wish to become a project team lead — great! There’s a bonus for this.
2. Do you want to interview your future colleagues? Just go through a training and hold the interviews
3. Become a mentor for a development trainee & receive compensation
4. Take part in the pre-sales process and get rewarded!
5. Bring an idea that will change how Fulcrum operates, you are to receive gratitude and a reward
6. Every 6 months we hold a 360′ review, where we review your compensation. if you want to receive a promotion sooner — let us know

This life is too short for boring projects, bureaucracy, and paperwork. Agree with us? Send your CV, don’t wait up.
Про компанію fulcrum
Welcome to Fulcrum!

Put shortly — we are a design & development company. We create apps, websites for businesses worldwide.

How are we different from others? Our major goal is to bring value. This means we work on interesting, worthwhile projects & always have a say in what we do.

Entrepreneurship is our DNA. Talents — our core value.

On every project stage we ask ourselves only 3 questions:
1. Will it bring value to the Customers?
2. Is the process worth the result?
3. Are we happy doing this?

The business we serve:
— Gaming;
— Food delivery, Restaurants;
— Online markets, marketplaces;
— Transport, Logistics;
— Everything whatever else (if the idea is catching).

Here is our main technology stack:
1.Backend: node.js, nest.js, Python, PostgreSQL, Elastic Stack, Redis, Kafka, AmazonMQ, microservices, gRPC
2. Frontend: React, Redux, Vue, SSR, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Getsby, Electron
3. Mobile: React Native, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter
4. DevOps: AWS, GPC, Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, bash

Life is about continuous learning, so we never stop.

We’re having fun every day by working hard — come join us!

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