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  • Junior SDR удаленно
    Someone who loves to communicate and help others. At Fulcrum, we want to build sales processes that aren’t spammy or pushy. As a sales development representative, you will need to: identify people who need development services;help them solve their problems.
  • Senior React Developer Киев, удаленно
    If you are the one who solves problems with battle-tested React knowledge & programming techniques. If you’re confident that ‘creativity’ means designing the best coding solutions and providing architecture. Then we want you to join our Fulcrum team as a Senior React Developer.
  • Senior WordPress developer удаленно
    Psss...WordPress Developer wanted! Are you the one who knows WordPress development from A to Z? Then, you’re reading the right ad, buddy. In a nutshell, Fulcrum is now looking for a talented & ambitious WordPress developer.
  • React Native Developer удаленно
    Hi, we are Fulcrum. We’re a software development company from Kyiv, Ukraine. But there are so many outsourcing companies...how are we different? Well, first off — we make sure to create a valuable product for the end-users. We deal only with exciting projects that make sense.
  • Backend Developer удаленно
    Hey you! Fulcrum is looking for a talented Backend Developer for our interesting projects. All products that we build are exciting and valuable. There’s no legacy code involved and we build all projects from start.
  • Junior Frontend Developer удаленно
    Frontend Developer wanted! Fulcrum is looking for a talented, skillful Front-end developer to join our company. We have a feeling it’s you.
  • DevOps Engineer удаленно
    DevOps Engineer wanted! We are looking for an ambitious DevOps engineer. We have a feeling it’s you.
  • Tech Lead удаленно
    Hey you! Fulcrum is looking for a talented Tech Lead for our interesting projects. As a tech lead, you will bring amazing projects to life, lead the development team and constantly learn and introduce new approaches. All products that we build are exciting and valuable.
  • Chief of PMO удаленно
    Are you a team leader with skills and hands-on knowledge to create an environment in which people thrive & grow? Know how to set up & manage a pro team to deliver great projects just-in-time and within a specific budget? Then join our Fulcrum team as PMO!
  • Account Manager удаленно
    Hey Account Manager of our dreams! Fulcrum is looking for a person who will LOVE, or even better — be obsessed with our clients. Customer Obsession is our #1 Value at Fulcrum. This means — you have all the freedom to make sure the Fulcrum customer service is exceptional.
  • Project manager удаленно
    Fulcrum is looking for a talented Project Manager. The most important requirement? You should deeply care for the users and your team. You love what you do, and you are here to build disruptive projects that bring value.

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