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Welcome to Fulcrum!

Fulcrum is a product development company with 70 people onboard and 30+ projects done. We create apps & websites for businesses worldwide. We work on interesting & meaningful projects for the best clients: BUFF, Kör, Launch, glo by BAT, Mercedes Dealer in Ukraine & much more.

Why Fulcrum? We are a young & passionate team of IT geeks who are crazy about creating cool, interesting & important projects. We don’t like bureaucracy, paperwork & hierarchy, but we’re crazy about bringing impactful results, creative solutions & growing professionally every day.

We prefer to work in an environment where everyone has enough freedom & responsibility to offer their own approaches, deliver projects most effectively and develop as a professional. That’s why our 4 main values are:

1. Continuous improvement — both by weekly knowledge sharing inside the departments and by taking external courses and training (70% are covered by the company). We publish articles about our experts & happy to help them get any necessary certifications.
2. Transparency — we build honest feedback culture on all levels. We give access to weekly reports & ready to admit any mistakes and problems we have.
3. Freedom & Responsibility — we offer flexible hours, a chance for remote work. We don’t care where & when your start your work unless you’re achieving the results, promised. We encourage every worker to offer their own approaches & take responsibility for them. We are here to help.
4. Customer obsession — we are here to make happy not only our clients but clients of our clients. Cause it all doesn’t make sense unless you do something meaningful.

By the way, we like to work hard & party hard, too. In Fulcrum, we have lots of extra activities together, parties, pizza, board games. We always have fun!

Check our website for more details: fulcrum.rocks
For more photos, check our Instagram: www.instagram.com/fulcrumrocks

So, don’t hesitate & send us your CV!

Psst. Wanna take a look behind the scenes? Watch >> youtu.be/S9KLITBKTuo

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